Up North Hosting

We are a IT support and infrastructure facility based in Western New York. Our specialty is in hosting and supporting Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Rendering applications. We currently manage over 1,000 individual servers and are rapidly building out our teams for future expansion.

What We Do

From deployment to construction to management moving forward, we can handle it all. With a 24/7 on site team available to respond to support requests as well as access to industry veterans with deep knowledge in AI/ML, we can be of full assistance to your business.

The Team

Its not just how cheap a product is, or what it offers. Some times it simply comes down to if you can trust and rely on the team. We have decades of experience and are dedicated to winning (and keeping) your business.

Contact Us

As we are a full service, dedicated operation we dont work with every new contact. However, we are very interested in hearing about your business and seeing if there is a fit. Feel free to email us and lets see if its a match!